Erin Jade, certified yoga teacher, massage therapist and anatomy/kinesiology nerd has been teaching a wide range of ages and abilities for twelve years. Her teaching offers a contemporary, relevant physical practice with movement to counteract the deleterious effects of chair sitting, shoe wearing, immobility and an overall state of disembodiment and movement deficit. She draws from many forms of physical yoga, natural movement, mindfulness and secular buddhism. She is inspired by biomechanist Katy Bowman, movement coach Ido Portal and NatMov creator Erwan Le Corre. She is always learning and seeking ways to help people inhabit their bodies more harmoniously. She believes body/breath-centered practices are increasingly important living in this distracted world. 

Erin combines into her sequences, dynamic stretching and strengthening, agility, balance, alignment principles and movements aimed at increasing mobility. Contemplation, reflection, conscious breathing and meditation are integral, as is examining ways to apply the practice into every day living off the mat. She encourages inventiveness, fun, introspection and curiosity and teaches that by working on the body we directly impact all parts of ourselves. Our self-care provides a ripple effect within families and communities.

All levels of ability are welcome.

Complimentary first class//Drop-in:$16//10-class book: $140

Individual somatic coaching: $70// $300 for 5-class package